Leia using her favorite headrest

Last week we started the lengthy and stringent process of geting our dogs prepped for the big move. Hawaii requires rabies vaccinations followed by a blood test which kicks off a 120 day quarantine process that begins the day your pets’ blood tests hit the lab. The quarantine process can be almost avoided completely if you plan far enough ahead and have, say, 120 days before you need to be in Hawaii. If you try and bring your dogs in before this period of time, they are held in quarantine for the remainder of the time at roughly $15 a day.. multiplied by 3 in our case.

Unfortunately,  Emily starts work September 1st. So.. in like a month. What we’re planning to do is have her go ahead of me and then at the end of October (two months later) I’ll head out with the pups in tow. There are several reasons for this. One being that it’s actually less expensive for me to stay here and pay rent another couple of months than it would be for us to pay for the dogs’ stay in quarantine for that same amount of time. If that was the ONLY reason, we’d suck it up and pay the little bit extra each month so we didn’t have to be apart for so long. However, there are a couple of other major things in our way as well.

1. We only need one car in Hawaii. One of our cars is paid off while we still owe on the other. So we need to sell it ASAP. Know anyone looking to buy a caddie in the San Antonio area?

2. We have to find someone to take over our lease at our current residence. Supposedly the fall is the hardest time to do that.. so we’ll need all the time we can get to avoid paying double rent past October

3. Most airlines will only fly dogs if the weather forecast for all airports involved in the trip is below 85 degrees F for the day of travel. It’s about 100 degrees in Texas right now…so, yeah, not even close. According to weather history, it should be something near 85 at the end of October. C’mon global cooling!

In the end the delay caused by the dogs’ quarantine is both a blessing and a curse. Given the short preperation time we have to get all our various ducks in a row before Em’s start date, this buys us a few extra months of breathing room to get things sorted. The downside of course is that Emily will be making the trip alone.

So! Back to the dogs in question. We took them to get their blood taken, rabies boosters administered and tests sent to the lab. Everything was going smoothly (though not cheaply) until we got the results back from the heart worm tests. Murphy and Bella were fine, but poor Leia tested positive. We’d heard and read that false positives are somewhat common so we took her in a second time for a retest. Once again, she tested positive. So yesterday we packed up her doggy bed, her baby (a little stuffed dog holding a heart) her blanket, dog bowl and some food and took her to start her treatment. For those of you who don’t know, treating heart worms in dogs is somewhat like a person getting chemo.. it’s incredibly rough on them and in some cases, the animal doesn’t make it through. We had a difficult time sleeping last night.

Today we heard from the vet and she’s taken to her treatment well. We’re told she’s suffering a little discomfort but is eating and acting fairly normal. Tomorrow we should be able to bring her home! Once here, she has to stay confined to her crate for 30 days while the meds do their work and rid her of all those nasty worms. After that, she should be right as rain and her normal happy/crazy self.

It seems like unexpected and unplanned things have already started to pop up as we get closer to our dates. With our huge list of things to do I’m finding myself feeling almost paralyzed. You know the feeling when you have so much to do, you don’t do anything?

Right now, even though I know it’s there… it’s a tad difficult to get too excited about things with all the headaches, issues and preperations we’re having to deal with.

One step at a time I guess…