As I’m sure you can imagine, moving to Hawaii is a little hectic. I promise we had (and still have) the best of intentions for this little blog. But lately actually moving has gotten in the way of blogging about moving. At this point, I am 19 days from flying to Honolulu. Being down to counting days instead of months or weeks is scary! I bought my flights yesterday, and ended up buying two separate flights because it was actually cheaper than booking everything together (doesn’t make sense to me either…just was). I’ll be flying to Los Angeles by way of Dallas early in the morning (around 6am) and hanging out with my brother in LA for a few hours. Then I have a flight from LA to Honolulu in the evening. I’ll arrive in Honolulu around 8:30pm Hawaii time, but that will be around 1:30am San Antonio time. Talk about a long day!

For the car to be there in time for my arrival, we have to ship it out this week. I had to find another car moving company other than the one my relocation advisor uses because their bid was not even close to reasonable. I’m waiting on a few more details but I should be able to get that all set by tomorrow. I also need to figure out were I’m staying for a month while I find our new house. I’m waiting to hear from corporate relocation for options, but have also been trolling craigslist and a military relocation site one of my future co-workers tipped me off to. Ideally I’d like to find a furnished studio to crash in that’s not too far from the base, but I’ve also looked at rooms to rent in shared houses because they’re so much cheaper. I’m just not sure if I would feel safe enough doing that.

We got good news on the dogs the other day. They all passed the rabies antibody test necessary to enter to Hawaii. Now they just have to wait out the remainder of their 120 days. Leia is doing well from her heartworm treatment. She got a second treatment last week and is acting completely normal. We’re actually having a hard time keeping her calm because she feels like her normal, crazy self.

I just keep visualizing laying on a gorgeous beach in Hawaii with Brodie and the dogs in a couple of months to help myself make it through the next few weeks!